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Divorce Financial Planning

As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA®), I am able to play an active role helping individuals and attorneys sort through the financial issues related to divorce. I have gone through an intensive training program, and obtained my certification from the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts -

There are many questions that come up during the divorce relating to the intricate financial details of property, retirement and pension accounts, life insurance, child and spousal support, and the tax implications of dividing assets. Attorneys go to law school to become experts in the law, not to become financial experts. This is where the role of the CDFA® comes in.

I will work with you and your attorney, as part of your divorce team, and help you navigate through the numerous financial issues that can come up in a divorce. I can bring a creative and innovative approach to working through the complexities of divorce.

As a CDFA® professional, my primary obligation is to my client and to support him or her in pursuing a financially fair and equitable outcome.

Please call (512-615-3597) or email ( me today to see if you may benefit from the services of a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®.


* As a CDFA® professional, I cannot provide: legal advice, tax advice, business appraisals. Please consult an attorney for legal advice. Please consult a CPA/accountant for tax advice. Please consult a trained appraiser to value your business.

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